Carbon-neutral Web3 Protocol Co2Zero Partners with EOS to Launch Trust EVM

Co2Zero, a carbon-neutral Web3 protocol supported by Alibaba Cloud technology, announced on June 19 its partnership with EOS, a major carbon-neutral blockchain, to launch Trust EVM, the official Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) of the EOS network.

Through blockchain technological features such as decentralization, tamper-proofing, and traceability, Co2Zero supports the trusted record of the whole life cycle of the carbon footprint and the trusted circulation of all elements in regard to carbon emissions. Alibaba Cloud is providing technical support for Co2Zero’s products and will assist the company with low-carbon behavior algorithms, carbon reduction methodologies, artificial intelligence, and online calculation among other cloud-native technologies.

Co2Zero uses NFTs as a starting point and opens up blockchain platforms to achieve Web3 for carbon neutral behavior. Users can complete various low-carbon behaviors on the platform based on the blockchain, and carry out carbon verification, trading, finance, among other transactions.

Trust EVM itself offers a turn-key solution for developers to operate their apps on a full Ethereum-compatible chain while enjoying high throughput, scalability, security and reliability from EOS, while passing on the low transaction costs to their users.

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Trust EVM can be so efficient due to its EOS operation design. It would require all of the EOS node operators to update their software each time a new version of the EVM is released which will allow Trust EVM to run with as little friction as possible while still leveraging EOS’ high performance.