Car Owner Places Funeral Wreaths on Car to Express Dissatisfaction with Tesla’s Maintenance Fees

According to media reports yesterday, a car owner in Shenyang, Liaoning Province proclaimed his rights outside of a Tesla store, covering his vehicle with funeral wreaths.

The car owner said that the vehicle was accidentally flooded due to personal reasons and he wanted to repair it at his own expense. After negotiating with the Tesla store, the initial maintenance fees were 16,000 yuan ($2481.08). However, staff later said that many wires in the car needed to be replaced, so the cost would be closer to 70,000 yuan.

The owner expressed dissatisfaction with the cost of repairs while Tesla staff said that only two wires needed to be replaced, but that the batteries and motors also needed to be checked for damage. The cost for such repairs and inspections would cost around 70,000-80,000 yuan.

Tesla responded that the vehicle was soaked during the flood in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The insurance company subsequently assumed full coverage for the vehicle before re-entering it into the market. This customer bought the car at a discount, hoping to resell it after having it repaired. The vehicle owner went to the Tesla store for repairs half a month ago. The store initially quoted more than 60,000 yuan but the actual repair fees could be more than that.

The car owner thought the price was too expensive, and his budget was no more than 20,000 yuan. The store can’t meet the owner’s demand for low-cost maintenance, so the customer began to wield a series of vulgar methods to demonstrate his displeasure outside the store in an attempt to force Tesla to compromise.

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Tesla stressed that the company hoped this issue to be dealt with justice instead of the situational antics of a customer. The idea that Tesla would shoulder responsibility should never be evaded, but it would not make concessions to unreasonable demands.