Cainiao Global Partners With Shoplazza to Launch Customized Logistics Services

Cainiao Global, a logistics company backed by Chinese tech giant Alibaba, reached a cooperation agreement on Wednesday with commerce platform Shoplazza. The two parties will jointly provide customized logistics services for global cross-border merchants and brands, including domestic collections, international delivery, logistics tracking and one-stop after-sales services, so as to ensure the timeliness of cross-border logistics and enhance the consumer experience.

Cainiao Global and Shoplazza have officially launched high-quality logistics services for merchants that joined after several rounds of tests, covering 120 countries around the world.

After a merchant logs in, they can automatically obtain order information, quickly create an order and carry out quick delivery. Merchants can experience fast services such as free collection and one parcel collection in major areas of China, but also have performance guarantee and worry-free payment. Cross-border merchants can place orders through common ERP systems, and European merchants can enjoy customs clearance value-added services.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Chinese cross-border e-commerce has taken advantage of online marketing, online transactions and contactless delivery. The country has actively developed cross-border capabilities, and the scale of imports and exports has continued to grow rapidly.

Customs statistics show that in 2021, Chinese cross-border e-commerce imports and exports totaled 1.98 trillion yuan ($313 billion), an increase of 15%. Among them, exports were 1.44 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.5%.

As a global logistics company, Cainiao has deployed six logistics “e-Hubs,” opened more than 1,800 international sea and air freight routes, and operated more than 3 million square meters of cross-border warehouses. It has also built infrastructure such as distribution centers, overseas warehouses and self pick-up spots in many European countries.

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Shoplazza focuses on providing products and technical solutions for global B2C e-commerce. Its Shopping Cart SaaS, the core product of the company, provides merchants with solutions such as operations, order management, marketing and settlement. The firm had previously completed a C1 round of financing totaling $150 million.