Byton to Officially Launch its Concept M-Byte SUV

The China-based EV startup Byton unveiled the final design for its first vehicle, the M-Byte, this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The production version of the all-electric SUV is very similar to the concept previewed earlier. Neither the exterior nor the interior designs have been toned down for production. Just like the concept car, the M-Byte still sports an insane 48-inch curved display which extends all the way across the width of the dashboard.

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“This is a new milestone on the path from concept to mass-production. With the joined forces of our global team, Byton M-Byte has realized 90% of the innovation design of the original concept. It is a unique luxurious electric SUV combining futuristic technology and high-end quality,” said Dr. Daniel Kirchert, CEO of Byton, at the launch event.

Byton only made minor changes to the M-Byte in its transition from design study to production vehicle. The body looks identical to the concept. What has changed is the design of the headlight and rear light clusters, bumper details, the door handles, and the rear-view cameras.

The specs are also largely unchanged. It will come in a 72 kWh version that will provide a maximum claimed range of 360 km (224 miles) and a larger 95 kWh pack with a claimed range of 435 km (269 miles).

The model will be offered in rear-wheel or all-wheel drive configurations with two different power levels.

The price for a base Byton M-Byte is expected to start at around $45,000. Deliveries to Chinese customers are expected to commence mid-2020. For European and North American customers, the SUV will be available for pre-orders toward the end of 2020, and the first cars will be delivered in 2021.