BYTON Acquires Distributor License From California

BYTON, a Chinese electric vehicle maker, has recently received a distributor license from the state of California. BYTON is pioneering a digital driving experience by leveraging advances in facial recognition and tracking technology to monitor your in-car behavior as well as enhancing the purchasing experience in dealerships. The facial recognition technology will automatically bring up your reservation, and your customer history, including any questions or preferences to provide a better personalized customer experience.

Now the company can begin distributing their flagship vehicles in California, the state that is widely recognized to be a leader in terms of electric vehicle and renewable energy policy. The company aims to launch their M-Byte SUV in China next year, to be followed by an introduction in the US in the second half of 2021. The vehicle features a striking four-foot wide display.

(Source: electrek)

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Jose Guerrero, Managing Director of BYTON Americas commented on the development:“From the beginning, we believed that a hybrid retail model was essential in order to provide BYTON customers with the best possible ownership experience. We’re building a retail model that has never been attempted in the US. The next pieces of the puzzle will be selecting our retail and aftersales service partners and securing our California dealer license.”

The innovative electric vehicle producer will utilize a hybrid dealership model that is a mix of standalone dealers and Tesla’s singular sales channel model. The company is in discussions with national dealership structures to create BYTON places, as a space where the vehicles can be showcased and purchased.