ByteDance’s Toutiao Launches Information App

Toutiao, which belongs to Beijing-based tech giant ByteDance, has recently launched an app called “Toutiao Haowai,” which can recommend high-quality content to users, and its target is young consumers, Tech Planet reported on July 19.

Toutiao Haowai adopts a minimalist design pattern. After registering within the app, users can choose their own interests, and the system will recommend relevant content. The content recommended by Toutiao Haowai includes graphics or videos popular amongst youth, and all content comes from Toutiao.

The recommended content of the app is mainly in fields of technology, trends, life experience, game evaluation and others that young people are more interested in. After clicking on the content card, users can praise, comment, share the content and follow the creators.

Toutiao Haowai also has a function named “Haowai,” which is similar to a real-time newsletter. It sends timely push notifications on important news developments and is subdivided into three small modules, such as technology, film and television, and games.

On the whole, Toutiao Haowai is a lightweight information product focused on young people, which constantly attracts users with fresh and interesting content. It will become an information version of Bilibili.

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According to Analysys, Toutiao had 286 million monthly active users as of June 2019. Compared with the nearly 320 million monthly active users counted by QuestMobile in June 2021, the number of monthly active users of Toutiao has only increased by 40 million in the past two years, while the monthly active users of Douyin has now exceeded 600 million. Toutiao is in urgent need of changes.

In addition, Toutiao has developed its layout in small-town and rural markets, launching profitable apps such as Wukong Browser and Wukong Search.