ByteDance’s Education Business Conducts Mass Layoffs

The education business within ByteDance has reportedly undergone significant adjustments, including the laying off of about 3,000 employees. The total number of staff in this division is less than 5,000, domestic media outlet Cailian Press reported Saturday.

The report quoted several independent sources as saying that the adjusted business lines cover intelligent learning products in China and abroad, including Xuelang, Open Language, Guagualong, and its education business “middle platform,” leaving only intelligent learning for the public, Dali OS, and adult education businesses. Affected employees will receive “N+2” compensation (standard severance compensation, plus the salary of two months).

Chinese media outlet 36Kr quoted individuals from ByteDance’s education business, confirming that the sector has indeed experienced a sharp contraction, including brands and services such as Dali OS, and the ratio of layoffs in some departments is even as high as 80% to 90%.

An employee of Dali OS revealed that he had been informed of his being laid off a few days ago, and all the subordinate departments of the business were abolished, except for a few people who would stay to continue to complete follow-up work. Another employee at the business department of intelligent learning said that “there is almost no precursor to layoffs,” and a meeting was held at 11:30 am on June 16 to inform him of his departure from the job, requiring him to complete related formalities before 7:00 pm, and that basically all employees and interns had been laid off.

In November of 2021, ByteDance’s education division underwent a major personnel adjustment, and this downsizing was also regarded by the wider market as the company’s move to divest its low-profit businesses, paving the way for an IPO in Hong Kong.

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In addition to education, ByteDance’s game businesses have also started to lay off employees, and more than 100 employees have left in the past week. The 101 Game Studio, located in Shanghai and once considered the key force for ByteDance to enter the game industry, was recently dissolved. Many ongoing projects in its other game studios in Beijing and Guangzhou have also been abolished or significantly adjusted.