ByteDance’s Douyin Tests “Autoplay Next Video” Function

Tech Planet reported today that Douyin, the Chinese mainland version of ByteDance’s TikTok, is conducting limited testing for a new function of “automatically playing the next video,” instead of replaying the current video content.

As seen from the test screenshots provided by users, the option of an autoplay function was added to Douyin’s settings. Regarding this new function, the platform’s customer service said that it was currently under small-scale testing.

On some other social media platforms, many users of the app have said they expect Douyin to launch the autoplay function, which can help them sleep quickly and can free their hands, thereby achieving a better user experience.

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In fact, Douyin has already added autoplay functions on its web page and in the iPad version. Some users believe that Douyin is in a large-screen playing mode, which requires higher recommendation accuracy. The algorithm distributes videos according to users’ preferences decided by the time users spent on different types of videos, however, the autoplay function can not achieve these results, which will lead to a decrease in recommendation accuracy. If this function is launched, the user’s double-type and comment behaviors may decline accordingly.