ByteDance’s Douyin Releases 11 Regulations about AIGC on Its Platform

On May 9th, Douyin released 11 regulations and industry initiatives regarding AI-generated content on its platform.

It is mentioned that creators, hosts, users, merchants, advertisers and other participants in the platform ecosystem should label significantly the AI-generated content on Douyin application when generating it with generative artificial intelligence technology. This will help other users distinguish between virtual and reality, especially in confusing scenarios.

In addition, publishers are responsible for the corresponding consequences of AI-generated content, regardless of how the content is generated.

Also, virtual individuals need to be registered on the platform, and users of virtual individual technology need to be authenticated with their real names.

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Douyin prohibits users from using generative AI technology to create and publish infringing content, including but not limited to portrait rights, intellectual property rights, etc. Once discovered, the platform will impose strict penalties.

AI technology is both an opportunity and a challenge for the entire internet industry. Douyin proposes that users who use virtual characters for live streaming or create accounts with virtual characters as their persona must register the corresponding virtual character image on the platform.

In addition, when using a registered virtual character for live streaming, it must be driven by a real person for real-time interaction and can not be fully driven by AI.