ByteDance To Release Its Own Smartphone

China’s ByteDance, owner of the popular TikTok streaming app, is confirmed on July 29 to be taking a step into hardware to develop its own smartphone, according to LatePost.

The Team is led by former vice president of Smartisan, who designed some of Smartisan’s previous flagships. This device will be ByteDance’s first hardware product.

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“Smartisan is developing this smartphone before ByteDance acquired its team. We continue working on it as part of the previous plan to meet demands of Smartisan users,” said ByteDance.

The connection between hardware company Smartisan and ByteDance dates back to late 2018, when the former was in trouble. In Jan. 2019, sources from Smartisan said that their contract was transferred to ByteDance. ByteDance’s response later confirmed that it acquired part of Smartisan’s patents and staff.

Smartisan responded to fans asking when the new smartphone will be released by saying “This year, no further information can be provided.”