ByteDance to Launch Four New Products

Tech Planet reported on Thursday that Beijing-based tech giant and TikTok creator ByteDance will launch a metaverse social app called “Party Island,” a new search product called “Wukong Search,” and a game community called “Lingxuan.” In addition, ByteDance is now testing short-distance delivery robots.

Party Island

“Party Island” is the first metaverse social product launched by ByteDance, which comes on the heels of the release of “Xirang” by fellow Chinese tech giant Baidu.

Party Island is a real-time online activity community. Users can hang out with friends using their avatars at any time, as well as chat and interact with each other in real time, and participate in online activities together.

This app supports integrated login methods with Douyin, the Chinese mainland version of TikTok. As it is currently in testing stages, an invitation code is required to enter Party Island.

Wukong Search

Wukong Search was developed by ByteDance’s Toutiao team. Like Toutiao, Wukong search also supports internal search of the Toutiao ecology, comprehensive search of the whole site, and specialized search in subdivided fields.

The Wukong Search app has more diversified functions, and its product positioning is more favorable towards browsers. For instance, users of the app can not only input links to access direct URLs and search for related content, but also add functions such as information, videos and novels, providing them with multiple methods for surfing the web.


The game community app “Lingxuan” has the dual attributes of game community and downloads. On the homepage of the Lingxuan app, users can see some articles about the introduction of new games, including exclusive revelations, and users can make reservations and download games.

Lingxuan also provides the function of finding games directly, including new games that have been tested recently, and classifies these games to make a list for users to test, with a wide variety available on the platform.

Short-Distance Delivery Robot

ByteDance recently tested this robot in one of its office areas, the Fang Heng Fashion Center. The robot was developed by the subordinate team of Li Hang, Director of AI Lab, and is mainly designed to be used for food delivery in restaurants and delivery of small objects between buildings.

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ByteDance has invested in nearly ten robot companies in the past two years. The most recent one is Wise Technology, whose business area covers Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.