ByteDance Renames “Qingtao” to “Douyin Selection”, Intensifying Bilibili Competition

On September 4th, news came out that earlier this year, Douyin quietly launched an app called “Qingtao” with the slogan “See Your Passion”. According to the app description, “Qingtao” is an interest-based knowledge video platform for young people. It is a related version of Douyin’s official medium and long-form videos and has a similar overall style to Bilibili.

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In the latest 2.0.0 version update, “Qingtao” has officially been renamed as “Douyin Selection”, and the icon has also been changed to the official Douyin logo with a “Selection” subscript.

This app has a clean and ad-free interface, and it can interact with Douyin. The main content includes digital technology, scientific popularization, trendy sports, cultural arts, and other topics. The “Messages” in the bottom bar has been changed to “Followers”. Overall, the functionality is not significantly different from the previous “Qingtao” app. It is expected that the name change is aimed at further increasing user numbers through the popularity of Douyin.