ByteDance Launches Real-Time Interactive Community App “Party Island”

ByteDance’s first online real-time interactive community app named “Party Island (派对岛 Pài Duì Dǎo)” was recently launched. The product developer is Beijing Shi Qu Wu Xian Technology, which is wholly-owned by an affiliated company of ByteDance.

According to the introduction page of the app, Party Island is a real-time online activity community that promises “no one is an island”. Users can create a personal look with virtual images, discover and participate in various online activities, and socialize with others. In addition, it also supports an immersive environment that enables users to experience real-time interactive chat.

(Source: Party Island)

After downloading Party Island, users can log in by using their Douyin account or smartphone number. The official account of the software in Douyin has not released any content yet, while the assistant account of Party Island has a video related to the invitation code with the topics #PartyIsland alpha test and #Metaverse, which was released on January 28, 2022.

In January this year, some domestic media outlets discovered that ByteDance was going to launch a metaverse social app called “Party Island”. At that time, the relevant person in charge of Douyin said that “Party Island” had nothing to do with metaverse, but was a social product that was still being tested on a small scale.

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