ByteDance Launches Offline Service “Dongdong Car Care”

Under the ByteDance umbrella, Dongchedi has launched an offline car maintenance service called “Dongdong Car Care” in collaboration with authorized stores. They have opened stores in Chongqing through local partnerships, marking Dongchedi’s first foray into offline car maintenance.

Before ByteDance entered the game, Alibaba,, and Didi, all internet platforms, have successively launched offline car maintenance services such as “Tmall Car Maintenance,” “Jingchehui,” and “Xiaoju Chefu,” all of which have offline stores. In March this year, Tmall Car Maintenance held its 2023 franchisee conference in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. The conference presented a three-year report: there are 1,900 operating stores nationwide. According to data reported by China Internet Technology News,‘s “Jingchehui” has already opened over 1,400 stores in 163 cities across the country.

And in the industry, Tuhu, a traditional car maintenance platform that started early, was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong at the end of September this year, becoming the first publicly traded company in the automotive aftermarket.

Facing the listing of Tuhu, Miao Qin, Vice President of, congratulated Tuhu and mentioned their own car maintenance service which caused quite a stir. It is reported that in June this year, integrated its retail business including whole vehicles, auto parts, motorcycles, and car maintenance channels. The team also established a new JD Automotive Division.

With the launch of the car maintenance service “Dongdong Car Care” by ByteDance, ByteDance has further enhanced its integrated online and offline layout in the automotive aftermarket business, improving its own automotive aftermarket business system. At the same time, ByteDance’s entry also means that the current competition in the automotive aftermarket will intensify, entering the second half of a trillion-dollar market battle.

The launch of the cooperative authorization model for “Dongdong Car Care” fills the gap in ByteDance’s offline car maintenance field in the automotive aftermarket.

Through a car enthusiast who has experienced the services of this store, it was learned that one of Dongdong Car Care’s stores is located in Chongqing. It is operated by a local authorized center called “Maika Automotive Service Center”.

This store provides services such as car washing, maintenance, and glass coating, which are similar to the services and prices offered by other car care stores.

Industry insiders believe that ByteDance’s entry into the car maintenance business is not only a continuation of its coverage in the automotive industry ecosystem, but also an acknowledgement of the trillion-dollar market potential behind it.

According to the data from Dongchedi, it is estimated that the overall market size of the automotive aftermarket can reach 3 trillion RMB by 2025, with a high growth rate in onlineization.

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