ByteDance Launches New Search App “Wukong”

ByteDance, the Beijing-based parent company of TikTok, has launched a brand-new “Wukong Search” app, as reported by Tech Planet on August 23. This product focuses on providing users with an ad-free search experience, similar to Quark, a search app released by Alibaba.

The app’s interface features a simple style and design. There is a search bar in the middle of the homepage, where users can search and jump links, and they can scan QR codes in the top right corner, and find 18 news updates recommended by Wukong Search below the search bar.

Compared with the search function of Toutiao, a popular content platform released by ByteDance, it can be found that there are no advertisements in the search results, and the style of displayed results are more is similar to that of Quark.

In a nutshell, Wukong Search functionally avoids the intrusion of ads and improves the reading experience of users.

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Industry analysts say that it is not surprising that ByteDance has launched this new product. According to previously-released data from iiMedia Research, it is estimated that the number of smartphone browser users in China will exceed 700 million in 2020. At the same time, the small-town and rural markets and the rise of young consumers has promoted incremental elements into the smartphone browser market.

Quark, which is owned by Alibaba, is favored by young users because of its simplicity and ad-free features, and there is a simple style trend in the search industry. The launch of Wukong Search by ByteDance also aims to provide a simple style favored by young consumers.