ByteDance Launches “Lingjing” Livestreaming Device and App

Beijing-based technology firm and TikTok owner ByteDance has launched a new hardware device called the “Lingjing Livestreaming All-in-One Machine,” as well as a corresponding “Lingjing” app, Tech Planet reported on Monday.

The Lingjing (聆镜 língjìng) device provides special equipment integrating functions of audio and video collection, intelligent processing, uploading and transmission of videos, which can be applied for various livestreaming scenarios, including socializing, e-commerce, outdoor settings, and large-scale events. The all-in-one device provides professional equipment for hosts, lowering the threshold for device debugging. It can also create a professional livestreaming room for the base or MCN organization, for a price of 15,800 yuan ($2,357).

Lingjing Livestreaming All-in-One Machine (Source: Tech Planet)

ByteDance also launched an app called “Lingjing” to match this hardware device. According to its introduction, the Lingjing director is connected with the livestreaming integrated machine, which can realize the function of joint livestreaming between smartphones and the machine terminal, as well as calling. The screen on the smartphone can also be projected onto the screen of the machine to meet demands of livestreaming regarding teaching and training to demonstrate the functions of smartphones.

As the parent company of Douyin – the Chinese mainland version of TikTok – is not surprising that ByteDance is investing in livestreaming hardware. Douyin, with monthly active users of over 600 million, has already expanded its business into this important livestreaming field, attracting many hosts to flood in continuously, bringing development opportunities for the livestreaming hardware market.

According to data from iiMedia Research, it is estimated that by the end of 2025, the market size of short video or livestreaming and audio hardware in China will exceed 10 billion yuan. With the continuous development of the short video industry and livestreaming, the professional threshold of these industries will gradually improve. The implementation of application-level hardware, including sound cards, will provide an important hardware foundation for industry specialization.

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In recent years, ByteDance has been steadily seeking breakthroughs in various markets worth around 100 billion yuan, such as gaming and education. However, it is seen as a rather wise choice for the tech giant to also explore monetization opportunities in some less prominent areas, such as the short videos or livestreaming audio hardware market – worth an estimated 10 billion yuan.