BYD’s New Patent: Identifies Vein to Open the Door

On March 24th, the patent of “Vein Identification Device and Vehicle” applied by BYD Corporation Limited Co., Ltd. was authorized today. After inquiring to the China National Intellectual Property Administration, it was learned that the utility model authorized by BYD this time is actually a vein recognition device and vehicle, IThome reported.

The device mainly includes three modules: Firstly, the infrared acquisition module is used to acquire the vein image of the hand. Secondly, the vein recognition module is connected with the infrared acquisition module, which is used for recognizing the vein features after receiving the images, and triggers a door control instruction after determining that the vein features are legal. Thirdly, the power module is connected with infrared acquisition module and vein recognition module for power supply. By adopting a vein recognition device, the control of vehicle can be made more personal by way of a bio-key.

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No other car company has introduced such a function as vein recognition to unlock a vehicle. If BYD’s a patented technology succeeds in implementation, it will bring a much more secure and personal experience to vehicle ownership.