BYD’s New Energy Storage System to Hit the Market Next Year

On September 8, at the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference held in Hangzhou, a BYD spokesperson said that the company’s new energy storage system based on blade batteries will be listed separately at home and abroad next year.

At present, this new energy storage system is being tested in China. Based on the excellent performance of blade batteries in new energy vehicles, the performance and safety of the new energy storage system will be greatly improved.

At present, BYD’s ace product of energy storage is its grid-level Cube energy storage system released in 2020. In this system, BYD uses the CTP (cell-to-pack) design of power batteries while eliminating the battery module itself, thus allowing the volume of the battery’s power to be optimized.

Since its release in 2020, the global cumulative installed capacity of the Cube energy storage system has exceeded 3GWh. The energy storage system covers an area of only 16.66 square meters, has a battery capacity of 2800KWh and supports 1300V DC voltage, matching different brands of high-voltage converters. Currently, the Cube energy storage system uses BYD’s ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery and its battery capacity is able to exceed 6000 KWh after the blade battery is used.

BYD began developing the energy storage system in 2008. As of August 2022, the cumulative installed capacity of BYD’s energy storage system is about 5 GWh, which has been deployed in more than 300 cities in more than 20 countries. The company’s energy storage is currently focused on overseas markets, but is gradually taking off in the domestic market.

According to statistics found in one white paper released at the conference, in 2021, the installed capacity of domestic power storage continued to maintain a rapid growth, with a year-on-year growth of 220%.

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At the conference, the organizer also released the “TOP 30 innovative energy storage companies in China”. In the “2022 energy storage enterprise innovation list”, China’s largest battery manufacturer CATL ranked first based on its lithium-ion energy storage cell, electric box, electric cabinet and other integrated products, while BYD ranked third.

In the list of energy storage system’s integration innovations, BYD ranked second with its Cube energy storage system, and CATL ranked third with its unified operation of large-scale energy storage power stations and battery energy management system’s integration technology.