BYD’s High-End Brand to Be Released in Q3

Li Yunfei, the general manager of BYD’s brand and public relations division, exposed the latest information regarding the firm’s high-end brand via Weibo on Sunday. The new brand and logo will be released in the third quarter of this year, while the first model will be released globally in the fourth quarter, entering the market in the first half of 2023.

Chinese automotive media outlet Yiche said in a report on May 22 that BYD’s high-end brand is expected to be released in August, and that the new brand may be named “Xingji” (literally meaning “Stellar”). Its first model will be a high-end off-road SUV, which will be launched in the first half of 2023. It is estimated that the price of this model will be set between 500,000 yuan ($74,700) and 800,000 yuan ($119,721).

BYD’s premium brand models will adopt the Huawei’s MDC computing platform with dual LiDARs, while the first high-end off-road SUV can turn around in situ through the forward and backward rotation of tires, and has high-performance motors and a good acceleration capability.

At previous BYD high-level communication meetings, Li Yunfei revealed that BYD was building a brand-new premium brand, with an estimated price range of 500,000-800,000 yuan.

Earlier, it was reported that BYD will launch a brand-new new energy brand for the premium market, which will develop products on a different platform and build an independent dealer network. The source said that BYD’s executives thought that the existing dealer capabilities could not support the “luxurious hardware and services” required by the new premium brand, so they decided to recruit new dealer investors and build new dealer channels.

In addition, on May 17, Denza, a luxury automobile brand jointly established by BYD and Mercedes-Benz, opened the pre-sale of its MPV D9 model. The Denza D9 is available in six configuration versions of the DM-i super hybrid and pure electricity, and the pre-sale price range is 335,000 yuan ($49,413) – 460,000 yuan ($68,817). A new original model was also launched with a pre-sale price of 660,000 yuan ($98,721) and a limited sale of 99 units.

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