BYD to Release High-End Yangwang Brand on Jan 5

Yangwang, a high-end new energy vehicle brand launched by Chinese automaker BYD, announced that it will release its first car and other disruptive new technologies during a press conference scheduled for January 5. Prior to this, the brand logo, some details on the first model’s appearance with an internal code “R1” and leaked photos have been released.

(Source: BYD)

Yangwang’s first vehicle model is visible in a promotional poster released with the recent announcement. However, due to its small size, it still can’t be seen clearly. What is certain is that the car adopts a special design, with three bulges above the roof. The middle one is suspected to be lidar, while the other two might be high searchlights, which are in line with its off-road positioning.

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According to a report by Chinese media outlet Huxiu, the new model will be equipped with a large number of blade batteries independently developed by BYD, and can achieve a cruising range of up to 1,000 km. As an off-road vehicle, R1 has a high body height, so the batteries near the chassis will be stacked in a double-layer way.

The vehicle will be equipped with four wheel motors to achieve 0-100km/km acceleration in about four seconds. This means that the Yangwang R1 will become the first electric SUV equipped with four motors, joining the NIO EP9, Lotus Evija and Rimac Nevera. Besides, the configuration of four motors can help the vehicle achieve better off-road capabilities and realize a “crab walk,” like Rivian and the Hummer EV.

The R1 will be equipped with explosion-proof tires and special motor control logic. Lian Yubo, the executive vice president of BYD, said that “even a flat tire while driving on the expressway will not affect the driver.” In addition, the car will be equipped with the patented technology of “floating water mode” previously applied by the company. This technology can control wheel torque by wheel motor, and adjust the vehicle’s body posture and forward direction in water.

Yangwang represents an important step by BYD to enter the high-end market of new energy vehicles. The brand will adopt independent operations, and BYD has set up a Yangwang Automobile Sales Company in Shenzhen. As for its price range, it is estimated that the vehicle will be between 800,000 and 1.5 million yuan ($114,731 – $215,122).

In the future, BYD will form a product matrix including its Dynasty and Ocean series, Denza, Yangwang and a professional personalized brand, covering family-use to luxury, from mass production to personalization, and meeting consumers’ multi-directional and full-scenario car needs.