BYD to Launch Pure EV in Brazil, With First Tang EV in 2022

On Wednesday, Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker BYD issued a document announcing that its Brazil branch recently held a “BYD VIP DAY” event in Sao Paulo, during which the company displayed its Tang EV model. This model is scheduled to be released in Brazil in 2022, and is BYD’s first pure electric 7-seat SUV available in the country, which suggests BYD is set up to play a prominent role in its pure electric passenger car market.

BYD’s Tang EV is named “TAN EV” in Brazil. This model is priced from 279,500 yuan ($44,040) in the Chinese market, with a built-in 86.4 kWh blade battery supporting 110kW boost and fast charging. It takes only 4.4 seconds to accelerate at 100 km/h, and is available in a single-motor version and dual-motor four-wheel drive version, with maximum power of 380kW.

In terms of interior decoration, this model is equipped with DiLink 3.0 intelligent and connected system, as well as a 220V AC socket. It also features a 15.6-inch suspended display screen and supports NFC car keys in smartphones and whole-car OTA upgrade.

BYD’s Tang EV also has DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, and is able to realize pedestrian recognition, traffic congestion assistance, active lane consistency, blind spot monitoring, early warning of door opening and other functions.

Adalberto Maluf, director of marketing and sustainable development of BYD’s Brazil Branch, said, “Pure electric vehicle is now a direction  of development trend in Brazil. The pre-launch of Tang EV meets the needs of the local SUV market segment, and brings unprecedented pure electric high-end SUV driving experience to Brazilian consumers.”

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BYD’s pure electric truck T3 has entered the Brazilian market. It has a cumulative mileage of nearly 300,000 kilometers and a reduction in carbon emissions of more than 70 tons. In terms of rail transit, in 2020, BYD successively won the El Salvador Cloud Rail Project in Bahia (the world’s first over-strait sky rail line) and the Sao Paulo Rail Transit Line 17 Project. BYD is China’s first private enterprise to expand its overseas business in the field of rail transit.