BYD to Deliver a Thousand D1 EVs to Mexico

On Monday, Shenzhen-based automaker BYD announced a recent order it has secured from VEMO, the largest new energy transportation operator in Mexico. The firm purchased 1,000 D1s from BYD’s Mexico branch, of which 200 were already in operation locally.

These models will be used to set up a pure electric taxi fleet – the largest of its kind overseas – and will reportedly create more than 3,000 jobs for the local population.

The D1 model features BYD’s blade battery, with a maximum cruising range under New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) conditions reaching 418 kilometers. Its right rear door is a sideslip door, which makes it convenient for passengers in the back row to get in and out, and helps avoid accidents due to blind spots. Its wide rear space brings about a comfortable riding experience to passengers.

Alejandro Rosette, co-director of the VEMO Transportation Platform, said: “The BYD D1 fleet helps the platform to operate efficiently, improves the utilization rate of charging infrastructure, and enhances our competitiveness in the industry. It also promotes the development of the new energy industry. This fleet could reduce 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions locally each year, equivalent to planting 1 million trees.”

Within its home Chinese market, BYD recently released the 2022 Comfort Version of the D1. The suggested retail price is 157,800 yuan ($24,176), about 10,000 yuan lower than a leading model released earlier.

In China, BYD mainly sells its D1 models for the online ride-hailing industry. Regarding power, the Comfort Version of the BYD D1 features a front drive motor with a maximum output power of 100kW and peak torque of 180 N · m. It adopts a ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery with a capacity of 53.6 kWh.

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The standard BYD D1 Comfort Version comes with ABS anti-lock braking, braking force distribution, brake assist, traction control and a body stability system. Auxiliary and controls configuration includes rear parking radar, reversing image, automatic parking, uphill assistance and other functions.