BYD Responds to Sudden Death of Employee: Firm is Actively Communicating with Family Members

On Wednesday, a line reading “BYD employee died suddenly in rental house” appeared as a trending topic on Chinese Twitter-like Weibo. The Shenzhen-based automotive firm responded that the employee’s cause of death needs further investigation. At present, BYD is actively communicating with the families of the employee.

Earlier, according to a report by domestic media outlet The Paper, a 36-year-old employee of BYD’s 11th Division was recently found dead in a rental house. According to the notice issued by police, criminal causes have been ruled out.

The employee has been working for BYD since 2009. In July this year, he was transferred from its No.1 General Assembly Plant to the No.2 General Assembly Plant to work in a logistics position. According to his work records, in October, he worked about 12 hours for 26 days, and in October, he worked about 280 hours.

The employee’s family said that they believed that his accidental death was related to his continuous overtime and high-intensity work, but the specific cause of death was still unclear because no autopsy was performed.

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The enterprise believes that the employee died in the rental house, which means it is not classified as a work-related injury. According to the employee’s family, the enterprise expressed its willingness to pay certain compensation. On Wednesday evening, the two sides reached an agreement after more than three hours of negotiation at the police station. In addition to refunding the provident fund and social security, the enterprise will pay the employee’s family 200,000 yuan ($31,369) as one lump sum.