BYD Reaches Strategic Cooperation With Acoustics Firm Goertek Dynaudio for Intelligent Vehicles

On Wednesday, leading Chinese electric car maker BYD and high-end loudspeakers supplier Shanghai GoerTek Dynaudio Electronic Technolgy Company held a signing ceremony for a new strategic cooperation between the two firms. BYD announced that both sides are devoted to improving the intelligence of smart and connected vehicles.

BYD said that the two parties agreed to give full play to their extensive advantages in networks, customers and services, jointly contribute to the rapid development of smart cars based on strategic consensus, starting from smart cockpits, acoustic entertainment and safe driving assistance.

The Shanghai-based loudspeaker company is wholly owned by Chinese acoustic and electronics company GoerTek, which acquired the majority shares of the Danish-based company Dynaudio in 2014. As early as 1994, Dynaudio worked on car audio systems and developed customized car speakers for high-end cars. In 1997, Dynaudio integrated Hi-Fi speakers into cars, allowing consumers to enjoy quality music.

BYD and GoerTek Dynaudio have engaged in cooperation before. In September this year, BYD officially launched the 5G Dynaudio Smart Music Cockpit upgrade package for the long-life version of its Han EV and the flagship version of an all-wheel-drive high-performance flagship model. The all-wheel-drive flagship model features Goertek Dynaudio’s Hi-Fi-class Xinxin Series audio system and BYD Han flagship 12 speakers. In addition, the chief tuner of Goertek Dynaudio tuned the vehicle in the original factory for a high-quality music experience.

Earlier, BYD announced its sales results for October. The BYD Han model was sold 11,087 times, of which the pure electric version registered 8,287 units. At present, the cumulative sales volume of BYD Han has exceeded 130,000 vehicles.

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