BYD Launches Destroyer 05 Plug-In Hybrid

On Thursday, Shenzhen-based automaker BYD officially launched five versions of the Destroyer 05 model, a sedan in its Ocean series, with a subsidized price between 119,800 to 155,800 yuan ($18,842-$24,505).

The Destroyer 05, as the first model in the firm’s Warship line, features a DM-i super hybrid power unit, which consists of core components such as a Snapdragon 1.5L engine with thermal efficiency of 43.04%, an EHS electric hybrid system and a DM-i power blade battery.

The EHS hybrid system is powered by ultra-high-speed dual motors with small volume and high power, a maximum motor efficiency of 97.5%, and BYD’s own IGBT4.0 electric control with a combined efficiency of 98.5%. The Destroyer 05 delivers a driving mode powered by electricity and supported by fuel.

The DM-i battery is a special power blade battery, which can more efficiently match the charging and discharging needs of the system while also guaranteeing safety. It ultimately achieves ultra-low fuel consumption of 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers and a comprehensive range of over 1,200 kilometers on full fuel and full charge.

In terms of its interior design, the Destroyer 05 carries a 12.8-inch self-adaptive rotary suspension pad, an 8.8-inch full LCD instrument panel and an operator console with compact knob shift buttons. Its DiLink intelligent network connection system supports intelligent voice interaction functions, a karaoke mode, and OTA remote upgrades of the entire vehicle.

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The DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system provides users with advanced functions including active braking, maintaining lanes, adaptive cruise, pedestrian recognition and protection, and more, which significantly improves travel convenience and safety.