BYD Frigate 07 EV to Be Released Dec 9, Pre-Sale Price From $30.6K

The Frigate 07 electric vehicle model from Shenzhen-based automotive firm BYD will be launched on December 9. As a brand-new addition to BYD’s Warship Series, the Frigate 07 is positioned as a five-seat medium-sized SUV with a pre-sale price range of 220,000 yuan to 280,000 yuan ($30,561 – $38,898), Yiche reported on November 28.

The Frigate 07 adopts a marine aesthetic, and its front has purportedly been inspired by ripples. The polygonal grille is matched with matrix LED headlights, which stretch the visual width of the whole vehicle.

BYD’s Frigate 07 has a body size of 4,820×1,920×1,750mm and a wheelbase of 2,820mm. It will be available in blue, green, white, gray and black.

In terms of interior decoration, the Frigate 07 creates a driving space with unique ocean elements through detailed modeling and meticulous coloration. The defogging tuyere at the upper part of the central control panel is integrated with the central speaker, which the firm says is inspired by the layers of ripples caused by warships.

The new car is equipped with a brand-new DiLink intelligent network connection system, which can control most functions of the vehicle through intelligent speech recognition. Meanwhile, it is BYD’s first model to support Apple’s digital key. In addition to Android devices, users can also use their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock and lock the vehicle. Its Dynaudio has up to 12 speakers, a power amplifier with maximum power of 775W and noise-masking technology.

The new car has two plug-in hybrid system options: DM-i or DM-p. The DM-i version consists of a 1.5T engine and motor, with maximum power of 102kW and 145kW respectively. The DM-p model consists of a 1.5T engine and dual motors. The maximum power of the engine is also 102kW, while the maximum power of the motors is 145kW and 150kW respectively. The maximum torque reaches 656N·m, and the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is just 4.7 seconds.

In addition to a rising sales volume, BYD’s recent price increases have also attracted considerable attention. Many media commentators think that the moves are intended to improve profitability of future orders. On the one hand, the price increases dispell concerns over delayed delivery. On the other hand, they ensure that BYD will have enough orders to deliver in the first quarter of next year.

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BYD recently spent 166 million yuan to win 100% equity of Xi’an-based Silver Bus. The firm has already formed a relatively complete industrial chain in the city including motors and battery factories. From 2019 to 2020, Silver Bus won three land properties totaling 47 hectares. With sufficient land reserves and existing production systems, BYD has further expanded its new energy vehicle operations through this acquisition.