BYD Delivers 45 Pure Electric Buses to Bergkvarabuss in Sweden

On Sunday, BYD announced the delivery of the first batch of 45 ebuses to Swedish bus operator Bergkvarabuss for use in six cities in the southern province of Skåne, including Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, and the southeastern port city of Trelleborg.

As the first bus company in Sweden, Bergkvarabuss chose BYD as its partner to purchase pure electric buses in large quantities for the first time, which is also the first time that BYD pure electric buses have entered Skåne in Sweden.

With the long battery life and high safety of BYD’s technologies, the pure electric buses delivered this time will be used for intercity bus operation, which has become the first operation case of using electric bus for intercity routes in Sweden.

This delivery includes a number of brand-new models owned by BYD, including the 15-meter pure electric models that will operate as intercity buses.

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This model adopts a full-channel low-floor design, with a maximum passenger capacity of 90 people and a battery life of 400 kilometers under SORT test conditions after a single charge. The contemporary interior of the ebuses are equipped with comfortable seating, ambient lighting and conveniently placed USB-charging points. The car is equipped with two child safety seats. 

Per Thorsell, CEO of Bergkvarabuss, said: “The 100% electric vehicles from BYD enable safe, sustainable and comfortable regional bus transportation and we will be charging them using green electricity marked with the ‘Good Environmental Choice label’.”