BYD Auto’s Best-Selling EV Models

BYD Auto, China’s leading new energy vehicle manufacturer, has recently edged Tesla to become the world’s top-selling EV brand for the first time, according to a global sales report by Counterpoint. BYD shipped more than 354,000 EV units during Q2, an annual increase of 266%, among which its “Dynasty Series” – including the BYD Song, BYD Han and BYD Qin – contributed 60% of sales.

(Source: Counterpoint Research Global Passenger Electric Vehicle Model Sales Tracker, Q1 2018 – Q2 2022)

BYD Song

The BYD Song series ranked top on both the SUV and new energy vehicle sales lists, with an overall count of 37,784 registrations in July. Its Song Plus DM-i was the most favored model: equipped with a 1.5L Xiaoyun plugin hybrid engine, an EHS electric hybrid system, maximum motor output power of 173 kW, 100 km/h acceleration in only 7.9 seconds, and a battery life that can reach up to 1,200 km.

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BYD Song Plus DM-i (Source: BYD)


BYD Qin sales reached 33,933 units, ranking third in the July EV market. Among all the Qin series models, the Qin PLUS DM-i was the bestselling, which is largely due to its super hybrid technology, using the Xiaoyun-Plugin-hybrid 1.5L high efficiency engine, EHS electric hybrid system and DM-i super hybrid special blade as the core to create a hybrid technology based on electricity. With this super hybrid technology, fuel consumption of the Qin PLUS DM-i can be as low as 3.8L even in the case of electricity running out. When the fuel is full, the vehicle range can reach 1,100 km.

BYD Qin Plus DM-i (Source: BYD)


Since its launch, the BYD Han has been quickly recognized by consumers for its excellent performance. Sales have been growing steadily and hit a new high of 25,270 units in July. This year’s new Han series vehicles are not only updated in terms of configuration, but also to provide two different power forms: pure electric and plug-in hybrid. The Han EV has a maximum battery life of 715 km, which not only qualifies as ultra-long, but also guarantees safety. The Han DM-i and DM-p, with their super hybrid DM-i and four-wheel drive DM-p technologies, bring users a high-performance, anxiety-free, and highly intelligent driving experience, while also lowering energy consumption.

BYD Han series (Source: BYD)