BYD App Splits: Dynasty / Ocean App Will Operate Independently

On August 30th, BYD officially announced that starting tomorrow, the BYD Car App will be upgraded and divided into two separate operating systems: BYD Dynasty App and BYD Ocean App. This move aims to provide more exclusive services and experiences for different vehicle models and customers.

It is reported that the original BYD Car App account can directly log in to two new Apps, and points, orders, and other data will be migrated to the corresponding App based on vehicle ownership. Dynasty car owners should go to the BYD Dynasty App, while Ocean car owners should go to the BYD Ocean App. Dynasty & Ocean shared owners and users who have not completed owner certification can choose by themselves. If original BYD Car App users do not upgrade, they will only support Dynasty-related services.

The Dynasty series and the Ocean series are BYD’s two major product lines, each with different market positioning and design concepts. The Dynasty series focuses on stability and luxury, catering to relatively mature customers; while the Ocean series is characterized by youthfulness, ambition, and openness, targeting young people.

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BYD Dynasty’s car models: Han, Tang, Qin (Qin PLUS, Qin Pro, Qin), Song (Song Pro, Song MAX, Song), Yuan (Yuan PLUS, Yuan Pro, Yuan), F3, S6, S7, e5, e9, e6 , F6, D1 and so on.

BYD Ocean car models: Seal, Dolphin, Seagull, Song PLUS, Escort Ship 07, Destroyer 05, Song Classic Edition, S2, e1, e2, e3 and more.

The Song Plus model originally belonged to the Dynasty series, but it is being sold on the Ocean website. The reason is that the Ocean website was established relatively recently, and Song Plus has already been named Seal U overseas, which also conforms to the naming rules of the BYD Ocean series.