BYD Announces Two Versions of Han EV, Release on April 10

Chinese EV maker BYD announced its new Han EV Genesis Version on Wednesday. The new vehicle will be launched together with the Han EV Jade Green Limited Version on April 10.

The Han EV Genesis Version follows BYD’s typical “Dragon Face” style, providing a 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard and 15.6-inch suspended central control panel. Its length, width and height are 4995mm, 1910mm, and 1495mm respectively, while the wheelbase measures 2920mm.

In terms of performance, the Han EV Genesis Version is equipped with a heat pump air conditioner and blade battery. Official said the maximum cruising range has reached 715km, and it takes 3.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h. The vehicle has super intelligent electric 4WD and is coupled with DiSuss-C AI active electronic modulated suspension.

In addition, the Genesis Version is equipped with a DiLink 4.0 (5G) intelligent connected system and a DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, which currently has reached L2.5 level of assisted driving. The whole vehicle features 12 ultrasonic radars, five millimeter wave radars, four surround view cameras, one intelligent driving high-perception camera, one Eps torque sensor, and one DMS camera.

The Han EV Jade Green Limited Version is basically the same as the Genesis Version in configuration, but it has chosen special colors and materials in appearance and interior. The so-called Jade Green “Qian Shan Cui” is inspired by the emerald green tones of traditional Chinese ink paintings.

The Han EV Jade Green Limited Version (Source: BYD)

Since its launch, the Han series has won over many consumers, selling a total of 190,000 units at present. In March, monthly sales exceeded 12,000 units, of which Han EV models accounted for more than 10,000 units.

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