BYD and Great Wall Motors Exchange Trademarks

According to the China National Intellectual Property Administration, domestic automaker Great Wall Motors’ application for transferring its registered trademark “Landing Ship” to local competitor BYD has been approved and made public.

According to BYD, “Landing Ship” is the name of the company’s first Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) model. The models, which are to be named after warships, will be equipped with the power system of DM-i super hybrid technology. According to naming rules of the warship product line, the sedans will be named “Destroyer” plus a number, while SUV models will be “Cruiser” plus a number.

An internal plan for BYD’s new cars in 2022 has been circulating in the industry, showing that the Ocean series will be “Seagull,” “Seal,” “Sea lion” and others. The warship series will introduce Destroyer 07, Cruiser 05, Cruiser 07, Landing Ship 07 and others. BYD did not comment on the timetable for the launch of its new products.

Previously, BYD transferred the “Wei” (魏 Wèi) trademark to Great Wall Motors free of charge. Therefore, the high-end brand of Great Wall Motors was changed from “WEY” to “Wei,” the surname of the company’s founder Wei Jianjun.

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In this regard, Li Ruifeng, CEO of Great Wall Motors’ Wei Brand, said that the “Wei” trademark transferred by BYD suggests the idea of “we are the world.” In addition, Great Wall Motors has registered many trademarks and will support other independent brands if necessary.

For BYD, “Wei” is a model to be included in its Dynasty series. But for Great Wall Motors, “Wei” is the Chinese name of its high-end brand WEY, which has far-reaching significance.

At present, BYD Auto has also applied for warship-related trademarks, which are subdivided into frigates, landing ships, destroyers, battleships and cruisers.