Brain-Machine Interface Firm BrainCo’s BrainRobotics Hand Obtains FDA Certification

On November 7, BrainCo, Inc., a Chinese brain-computer interface (BCI) technology company, announced that its product BrainRobotics Hand had obtained FDA certification. It also released several sleep aid products. The company is the first unicorn in the field of BCI in China with a financing amount of more than $200 million.

At the event, Bicheng Han, founder and CEO of BrainCo, said that the company’s intelligent bionic hand has obtained FDA certification, which is an important milestone in the history of BCI and the only non-invasive BCI product certified by The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), representing the global recognition of the application of non-invasive BCI technology.

(Source: BrainCo)

Han also revealed that the next generation of the intelligent bionic hand is in the process of R&D, and will be optimized for appearance and weight to make it look more realistic and more comfortable to wear. More importantly, the next generation product will add sensory feedback function, so that users can feel the softness, hardness, cold and heat of objects.

At the event, BrainCo also released their first product aimed at individual customers, Eassleep. The product focuses on current trending sleep problems. Based on its electroencephalogram (EEG) and human sign signal detection technology, combined with CES physical sleep assistance, dual sound beats and multiple sound waves combined with cognitive behavioral therapy CBT-I, it creates an overall solution for users with sleep problems through its AI algorithm.

In addition, according to the needs of parents of kids with autism spectrum disorder, BrainCo launched the family user version of “brain interface social communication system”, which provides home social function training for these families. The system integrates thousands of neural feedback training courses.

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BrainCo also announced that it will donate 100 sets of brain-computer interface products to AiEr Foundation, and support 100 kids with autism spectrum disorder from families in need in China to help them get the maximum early intervention effect, so as to improve society’s attention and support for autism.

Founded in 2015, BrainCo is the first Chinese-led enterprise grown out of the Harvard Innovation Lab and a world leading provider of non-invasive BCI technology solutions. Its products include Focus headband, Focus Fit headband, BrainRobotics hand, etc.

In October, 2019, BrainCo’s headband caused controversy in China. In order to improve the concentration of learning, a primary school in Zhejiang province had provided students with the headband. After wearing it, this product can detect brain waves and judge whether students are paying attention in class and homework. Public opinion then mainly focused on whether the headband is effective in improving concentration and whether wearing the headband should be regarded as “being monitored”.

At that time, the company responded that Fucos Headband is an instrument that uses the principle of neural feedback training to train students to improve their concentration, and is not a product used to monitor students. Teachers can only see the average values of all students, which are used to adjust the classroom design, and the reports are not sent to parents.