BOX.Game Raises $5M in Angel Financing Led by Atypical Ventures

BOX.Game, incubated by leading coding and AI education company CODEMAO, recently announced the completion of an angel round of financing worth $5 million. The funds will support its continuous building of a metaverse for teenagers and youth to create, play and socialize. The round was led by Atypical Ventures, founded by Ruby Lu, Kwai’s angel investor with deep instincts in creators’ cultivation platforms.

Starting from an internally-incubated project in 2018, BOX.Game demonstrated great potential in providing younger generations with an online real-time creating workspace and community. Led by Yue Sun, the cofounder of CODEMAO, BOX.Game is committed to building a community-governed meta city, providing basic technology for building a meta ecosystem and cultivating diverse creators of a meta world. As of September 2021, it reached 1 million monthly active users by organic growth, about 8% of which are game developers. Around 400,000 games and coding projects were posted. The most popular game has attracted over 1 million sessions or attempts, along with more than 20 thousand related reviews and comments.

Officially released on June 1, 2021, BOX.Game is a web-based real-time multiplayer gaming platform for teenagers to create, play, socialize, govern and earn. With its self-developed BOX 3D Engine, creators can build a wide spectrum of content and games, which concurrently support more than 200 creators collaborating on the same game.

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“We have seen the creativity of Chinese children on the BOX.Game platform and were impressed by those young users,” Atypical Ventures said, continuing: “We are thrilled to grow with Metaverse’s related fundamental technology, content, platform and communities.”