BOE to Supply 18 Million OLED Screens to Apple

Analysts at UBI Research pointed out in the latest report that BOE, the leading screen manufacturer in China, is expected to supply 18 million OLED screens to Apple this year, of which 15 million will be used in the iPhone 12 series and the remaining 3 million will be used in the new iPhone 13 series.

Analysts also revealed that the OLED screens supplied by BOE to Apple this year will account for about 10% of the screen demand for the iPhone this year.

Apple previously gave BOE an order for OLED screens required for the iPhone 13. As long as BOE solves the issues pointed out by Apple within the specified time frame and fully meets Apple’s requirements, it will then receive an official order from Apple. Only after obtaining a formal order can BOE supply Apple on a large scale.

BOE has passed the initial qualification inspection by Apple and has officially startes the mass production of display screens, becoming the only domestic panel manufacturer participating in the supply of new iPhone products.

Orders for the iPhone13 series screens come from Samsung, LG and BOE. BOE became the only company that could mass-produce the iPhone 13 OLED panels. This indicates that the supply chain of iPhone screens previously dominated by Korean companies has now been broken.

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In addition, BOE is transforming its three sixth-generation flexible OLED screen factories to produce panels for Apple. The production line in Chongqing has entered the first stage of production, and the whole line will be able to reach its maximum production in the fourth quarter of next year. Given this expansion, by 2023, BOE will be able to increase its production of OLED screens for the iPhone range, becoming the second supplier of  this type of display.