BOE Obtains AR/VR Contact Lenses Patent Authorization

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE), a Chinese IoT company, was granted a patent on Friday for AR/VR contact lenses including the manufacturing methods and electronic equipment. The patent was filed in January 2019.

According to the abstract of the patent, the features of the contact lenses comprise an inner eye membrane, an outer eye membrane and an intermediate layer disposed between the two membranes. The intermediate layer includes a capacitive sensor and a signal converter electrically connected with the transducer.

The capacitive sensor is used for sensing a change amount of the capacitance at a predetermined position of eye movements and outputting the change amount of the capacitance at the predetermined position to the signal converter. The signal converter converts a change in capacitance at the predetermined position into a radio wave signal and transmits the signal.

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Therefore, BOE’s AR/VR contact lenses can not only be used to experience AR and VR scenarios, but are also not as unwieldy as traditional glasses with frames. This lightweight solution to viewing AR/VR content would greatly improve the customer experience.