Black Sesame Technologies Receives Investment From Bosch’s Boyuan Capital

Chinese automated driving computer chip company Black Sesame Technologies announced it has obtained strategic investment from Boyuan Capital, a subsidiary of leading global tech and engineering firm Bosch Group.

The fresh funds will be used to improve Bosch’s layout in the automated driving industry chain, and also to accelerate R&D and application of Black Sesame’s high-performance automated driving chip.

Black Sesame focuses on high-tech R&D in technical fields such as high-power computing chips and platforms. It has also independently developed a functional automobile safety system that could be mass-produced with high-power automatic driving chips, along with the certification of vehicle regulations based on DynamAI NN engine architecture and NeuralIQ ISP.

Black Sesame has incrementally released the Huashan series of automated driving computing chips, including the Huashan No.2 A1000L, A1000, A1000 Pro, and related advanced driving assistance systems.

Meanwhile, the next generation A2000 chip is currently under development and will be released in 2022. This chip features the leading 7 nm technology, and has a computing power of over 250 TOPS.

Black Sesame has reached commercial cooperation with FAW, Bosch, SAIC, Baidu, Dongfeng Yuexiang, T3, JOYNEXT, Thundersoft and Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Mechanical & Electronic. It has applied technologies including algorithms and image processing commercially in consumer electronics such as smartphones, smart cars and smart homes.

In recent years, Bosch has been continuously strengthening its investment in the field of autonomous driving. Previously, Bosch has successively invested in many enterprises in the autonomous driving industry chain, such as Momenta, Hesai Technology, Yushi Technology and In September 2021, Bosch formally established Boyuan Capital for in-depth sci-tech investment in China across the fields of sustainable transportation, intelligent manufacturing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, semiconductors and carbon neutrality.

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As early as 2018, Black Sesame, which was established only two years ago, signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement with Bosch, stipulating that both parties should give full play to their respective advantages and cooperate in smart cities, smart homes, intelligent and connected vehicles and automated driving.