BioHandler Completes Nearly 100M Yuan in First Financing Round

BioHandler, a Shanghai-based life sciences tech startup, announced on July 18 that it has completed its first round of financing totaling nearly 100 million yuan ($14.8 million). This financing was jointly led by Proxima Ventures and GL Ventures.

BioHandler was founded in 2020, specializing in high-throughput and automated instrument and system development. It provides fully-automated solutions for the life science and healthcare industries, ranging from simple bench workflow automation to handling complex steps in large system process applications.

BioHandler integrates laboratory hardware, software and consumables into a unified platform, realizing intelligent coordination of the whole process from entrance to exit in diverse scenarios. Compared with the traditional laboratory system, BioHandler can achieve higher efficiency and more stable experimental results in various life science application fields such as molecular diagnosis, clinical detection, large and small molecular drug screening, cell line development and molecular screening.

The firm’s intelligent automation integration platform provides flexible and modular customized solutions for its customers. Application solutions include automated mass spectrometry analysis and processing system, NGS library building all-in-one machine, and automated virus nucleic acid detection system, among other things.

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BioHandler has provided high-throughput protein drug discovery and screening automation solutions to renowned laboratories. The whole line adopts the company’s core single product automated pipetting workstation and the whole process intelligent automation solution. This significantly reduces the customer’s operation cost, and in order to meet the customer’s urgent system delivery needs. In less than six months, the project was successfully completed from negotiation to on-site delivery.

The recently obtained funds will be used to speed up the in-depth layout of BioHandler in import substitution core standardized stand-alone platforms, intelligent automated and integrated platforms and personalized customization OEM/ODM platforms for instruments and systems.