Bilibili Uploader He Tongxue’s Self-made AirDesk Video Goes Viral, Driving Loctek Shares Soar by 14%

Chinese live-streaming platform Bilibili‘s uploader He Tongxue released a video featuring his self-made AirDesk on Monday. Up to now, the broadcast volume for the video on Bilibili‘s platform alone has exceeded 4 million views, and the advertisement at the end of the video has sent Loctek shares soaring by 14%.

The video is titled “I made the product that Apple gave up…”. He Tongxue explained his reasoning behind making the gadget, “Four years ago, Apple released its own wireless charging board, AirPower, but until now, this product has not been released.” In a flash of ingenuity, He figured out a way to solve a problem he himself was having and thus created the ultimate version of AirPower – AirDesk.

In the video, He introduced the process of making the AirDesk. The desk not only supports wireless charging while also retracting its own legs, but the desk can also automatically find electronic products that need to be charged on the table. In addition, the desk can remind users to get some exercise and automatically hand cups of water to users.

A screenshot of the table from He’s video (Source: He Tongxue)

After watching the video, netizens have expressed that they want one. Unfortunately, the table can’t be mass-produced for the time being. At the end of the video, He Tongxue said that the lifting table leg used in the video is the LIFT1 of Loctek, a mention that caused the company’s share price to soar by nearly 14% today.

He Tongxue, a 22-year-old student, is an influencer on Bilibili. In October 2017, He began to upload videos on Bilibili, which focusaed mainly on digital technology.

On June 6th, 2019, He received the attention of the whole network with a video titled “How Fast is 5G?”. This video was later renamed “How fast is it? The Real Experience of 5G in Daily Use” and has been viewed by 27.256 times by now. On February 17, 2021, He’s exclusive interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook went viral on the Internet.

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In terms of the beneficiary, Loctek is a listed company in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The company designs and manufactures sit-stand desk risers, height adjustable desks and monitor arms, etc. With the trend of online working, its performance has shown explosive growth. Last year, the incident about “Loctek Chairman doesn’t welcome Ping An Asset Management’s investment in the company” attracted much attention, which had a certain impact on its stock price.