Bilibili Responds to HR Worker Slandering Core Users

After a video telling the inspiring story of a resilient villager who became disabled as a teenager went viral on Chinese social media, a year-old post by the blogger “Boluodi Hainiu” has ignited heated discussion. It was shown that a Bilibili HR worker had called the platform’s core users “losers in life.” On August 2, Bilibili officially responded to domestic media, saying that it was very angry with the interviewer’s remarks. After internal investigation, the HR interviewer had been dismissed at the end of last year, and the company said it would strengthen management and thanked the supervision.

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The blogger previously published a conversation between his friend and a Bilibili HR employee when applying for a job at the company. During the interview, the HR asked: “Do you usually send bullet comments and [normal] comments when watching our videos?” The job seeker answered no. The HR then said: “Then you are not our core user. The idea of your documentary is very good and humane, but do you know what kind of people our core users are? Loser in life.” As of August 3, this Weibo post had been forwarded 18,000 times and got 113,000 likes.

In the comment area of this post, the official Bilibili Documentary account replied: “Thank you for your criticism and feedback. At present, we have started an internal investigation. We hope you can provide us with more specific information through direct messages to help us find out the facts as soon as possible. Once the problem is found to be true, we will deal with the relevant personnel seriously.”

On August 2, the blogger posted a reply again, saying: “The official Bilibili Documentary account has talked with me, and I have also replied that there is no follow-up yet. It happened more than a year ago, and the involved HR may have left the job long ago. We know that things are difficult now, and we don’t want any personal career to be negatively affected by my posts. I have noticed from the forwarding and comments of other users that this kind of incident is not only one case in the recruitment process of Bilibili. It will do no good to just find out someone and scold him or her.”