Bilibili Releases Authorized “Cheers UP” NFT Collection for Buyers Outside of China

Bilibili, a Chinese video streaming community for younger generations, has released an authorized “Cheers UP” NFT collection for buyers outside of the country. The program is now open for registration.

The collection consists of 10,000 PFPs (profile pictures) issued on Ethereum – 233 for the project team and 9,767 for verified wallets via raffle – each with a random image design.

The PFPs are divided into levels based on their rarity and each image features unique characteristics including different items held in their hands, faces, clothes, skin tone, and headwear.

The “Cheers UP” NFT collection represents Bilibili‘s community culture, as “Bilibili Cheers” is a signature slogan for the company. Bilibili‘s thriving content ecosystem and rich community scenarios increase the NFTs’ value and create more possibilities in related fields.

Bilibili has previously launched three digital collectable products. On January 5 of this year, the platform launched its first digital collection “Gede,” featuring a pigeon cartoon, which is limited to 2,233 pieces. Then, on January 24, the zodiac series of digital PFPs was launched, limited to 2,022 pieces. On March 24, the firm launched the “Cheers” series of digital PFPs, each with a unique number, style and exclusive animation.

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On April 25, Bilibili released the transfer instructions for digital collectables, and it will gradually release the transfer function of each series of digital collections in the order of release date. The first digital collection, “Gede,” has opened for the first free transfer. Users who purchase digital collections and hold them for 30 days can donate them to eligible Bilibili real-name certificated users for free. At the same time, the recipients need to hold them for 30 days before they can initiate a transfer again. If certain forbidden behaviors such as speculation take place, the transfer period will be adjusted.