Bilibili Launches Livestream Recruitment Program to Connect Employers with Young Talents

Chinese ACG themed video-sharing site Bilibili launches Campus Recruitment Express.

To help employers reach new talent directly, Chinese video sharing website Bilibili launched a livestream recruitment program called Campus Recruitment Express to connect students and recent graduates with potential employers.

Campus Recruitment Express will provide employers with online traffic to facilitate the hiring process, and also help them explore how to use live-streaming as a tool for recruitment and a means to establish long-term and highly interactive communication with young people entering the job market.

Live-streaming has become an increasingly popular tool that employers turned to in order to upgrade their recruitment efforts. As this year’s fall campus recruitment season began, more than 20 well-known Chinese companies have tested live-streaming recruitment on Bilibili, including Tencent, Huawei, Meituan, DiDi, Geely, L’Oreal and New Oriental.

Bilibili has gradually evolved into a learning platform for young people, with its continuous expansion of content categories beyond anime, comics and games (ACG). The platform hosts the largest number of educational videos in China, and more than 86 million users tapped into Bilibili’s resources to study last year, the company said. That is eight times more than the number of students taking China’s college entrance examination.

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Bilibili’s unique study live-streaming service #StudywithMe received 46 million views last year, with its various content covering science, foreign languages, law, data modeling, programming and other disciplines.

While employers can directly target their desired talent pool through Bilibili, graduates can also explore professional knowledge and skills and career development through Campus Recruitment Express. Chinese ride-sharing platform DiDi, for example, has already shared interview tips with new graduates, inviting interviewers to provide guidance and carry out mock interviews during a one-hour live session.