Bilibili Launches “Barrier-Free” Functions

On Monday, Chinese streaming media giant Bilibili launched several functions to help users who may need help with using the platform. The features include new functionality for those with impairments such as color blindness and hearing deficits.

Among these functions, the color vision optimization is specially for people who suffer from some degree of color blindness. With this new feature, the screen will adjust the hues so that these people can better distinguish the colors. Meanwhile, the adaptable narration feature is for the visually impaired which will enable users to have the contents of various elements of websites narrated to them.

The new intelligent subtitle function is mainly for people with hearing impairments. For videos without subtitles, users can activate the intelligent subtitle option and the system will automatically generate subtitles using AI speech recognition.

In addition, Bilibili is working together with the China Foundation for Disabled Persons (CFDP) to recruit people to test out these new “barrier-free” functions. These users will be responsible to find out the shortcomings of the current functions and give their feedback. In addition, those recruited will need to collect suggestions from people around the net and regularly communicate with the barrier-free R&D team in Bilibili.

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League of Legends launched the first barrier-free e-sports live-streaming room in China during S11. Since then, Bilibili has worked on barrier-free construction to operate its platform to as many people as possible.

On November 9, 2021, Bilibili and eight institutions including the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), jointly announced the establishment of the “Working Group on Information Accessibility Technology and Open Intellectual Property” and signed the Joint Statement on Information Accessibility Technology and Open Intellectual Property.