Big Data Company Zshield Inc. Receives C-Round Financing Led by Legend Capital

On Wednesday, Zshield Inc., an industrial big data innovation enterprise based in China, announced the recent completion of a C-round financing worth several hundred million yuan. Legend Capital was lead investor for this round of financing.

The funds are marked for the construction of the underlying platform for big data, strengthening R&D, innovating products and services, in addition to expanding market share within the scope of industrial big data platforms, services, terminals and data security.

Zshield has been engaged in industrial big data since 2016. The company started with the energy and power industry and then, using what it learned in the process, improved its offerings and applied them to other industries. At present, Zshield has accumulated technological, products and vertical markets in industrial big data.

Zshield has established a competitive platform with big data, which has leading industry know-how and big data capabilities. The company has been able to obtain more than 100 independent R&D certifications of core technology. The company enjoys advantages in many key technical indicators such as execution, description engineering efficiency and data governance engine efficiency.

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Relying on this platform, Zshield has built a diversified industrial big data product matrix. This matrix consists of energy metering products such as status evaluation for power consumption side, transmission, distribution, and power generation, and charging pile status for new energy vehicles. The company is also able to supply energy efficiency analysis products such as photovoltaics and charging piles, in addition to carbon monitoring and carbon metering.

Many of its products have been widely applied by power companies in nearly 30 provinces and has seen its market coverage rate top 90%. The product technology has solved the problems of operation error analysis and state evaluation of metering equipment in power industry.