Beijing to Promote Development of Live and Social Commerce

China’s Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on its official website on Thursday, aiming to promote the healthy development of online shopping. The government will now support what it sees as healthy and sustainable development of new business formats and models such as livestream e-commerce and social commerce.

Among them, to accelerate the development of new forms of consumption, it is necessary to support the digital and intelligent transformation of traditional enterprises, as well as to encourage the cooperative development of both traditional and emerging industries. Beijing also encourages the development of smart stores, contactless delivery of goods, home services and the integration of online and offline businesses.

The notice stated that authorities will promote the healthy development of online shopping, such as livestream e-commerce and social commerce. Enterprises are encouraged to utilize big data and other technologies to carry out personalized services. The government will support more initiatives to raise excellent online brands. Cloud computing services are recommended to enterprises of life service-related industries.

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In terms of boosting the catering sector, the notice also pointed out that it is necessary to promote the quality of catering services, encourage catering enterprises to enrich dishes, improve service and innovate business models. Catering brands are encouraged to use digital services. All local departments should support enterprises to develop traditional cooking skills, strengthen the promotion of local traditional cuisines, and cultivate characteristic brands.