Beijing Embroidery Digital Collection to Be Released Tuesday

A digital collection based on the Beijing Eight Palace Handicrafts will be jointly issued by Tencent and the Dongcheng District Bureau of Culture and Tourism on Lingxi, an NFT marketplace owned by Chinese e-commerce firm

The first product, “Beijing Embroidery,” was unveiled on June 11, which is also the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, and will be officially released on June 14. Cloisonné, jade carving, ivory carving, carved lacquer, painted and inlaid lacquer, filigree, and imperial carpets will be introduced one after another.

The original work of the Beijing Embroidery Digital Collection has been authorized by Beijing Juzhuangchang, and is created according to the works of Master Sun Ying, the representative inheritor of Dongcheng District’s national intangible cultural heritage. There are two collectables, including Mandarin squares in the Qing Dynasty. Crane and Qilin, shown on the squares, are traditional and auspicious beasts and symbols of Chinese traditional virtues. This group of intangible cultural digital collections aims to show traditional culture in ways that are easy for young people to accept.

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The release of the Beijing Eight Palace Handicrafts Digital Collection represents an active exploration of a local governmental bureau under the guidance of China’s national cultural digitalization strategy, aiming at influencing public cognition and meeting the needs of young people. It also hopes that interesting product design can attract consumer groups who love culture and art collection and lead them to offline scenarios. Tapping into the potential of digital intellectual property rights will help intangible cultural legacy masters achieve better IP conversion.