Baidu’s DuerOS Runs on Over 100 Million Smart Devices

Baidu announced on August 8th that DuerOS, its voice control operating system, has reached the install base of over 100 million, a major breakthrough for Baidu’s conversational AI platform.

DuerOS leverages Baidu‘s leading AI technologies and a vast content ecosystem to shift the users experience to conversational AI in China, said Jing Kun, general manager of Baidu‘s Smart Living Group(SLG).

In June, DuerOS has been activated by voice more than 400 million times and as of the end of July, the number of voice-activated smart devices equipped with DuerOS has exceeded 100 million, according to the company’s report in the second quarter in 2018.

Baidu released DuerOS 3.0
Baidu released DuerOS 3.0

Currently, Baidu has more than 200 partners using DuerOS in more than 110 control devices.

Based on Baidu‘s ecosystem of information and services, DuerOS is able to deliver comprehensive solutions by allowing users to command and converse with their devices using natural language.


DuerOS has been integrated into a myriad of smart technology fields such as smart home, smart wear, automobiles, and wireless communication products. As one of the leading applications of AI technology, the DuerOS open platform could change the interaction between television and humans, as smart TVs can receive, understand, and follow users’ oral commands.

DOSS Smart Speaker powered by DuerOS
DOSS Smart Speaker powered by DuerOS. Image Source: DuerOS website.

One strategic partnership Baidu has formed is with Skyworth, a major television manufacturer in China. Skyworth equipped its newly launched OLED TVs with Baidu’s DuerOS, and its multiple AI TV’s with built-in far-field voice activation systems. Baidu‘s DuerOS has been deeply integrated with Skyworth’s own Coocaa system.

Baidu also equipped both of its new smart speakers for homes, Xiaodu Home (Xiaodu Zaijia) and Xiaodu Speaker (Xiaodu Yinxiang), with the DuerOS to make voice-activation easy. It will launch a variety of promotions in-stores to further boost their popularity.