Baidu to Release Metaverse Product “Xirang”, AI Developer Conference to be Held Inside

Baidu announced on Friday that it will release its Metaverse product “Xirang” on December 27 and hold the upcoming Baidu AI Developer Conference in the new APP. This is the first conference to be held in the Metaverse which enables 100,000 people to attend a multi-screen interaction.

Ma Jie, Vice President of Baidu and head of Xirang, commented on the new tech development “At present, we are still in a very early stage of industrial exploration of the Metaverse, whose development is gradual and will take a long time for the whole community to jointly build and mature.”

The Xirang App has been available in several app stores before. According to Baidu‘s official introduction, the shape of “Xirang” is a planet with a so-called “Mobius” shape, which is similar to twisting a piece of paper, and a large number of Chinese elements incorporated into the urban design. Chinese landscape, culture, and history will be integrated into the urban construction and interactive experience.

In Xirang, people may encounter popular characters such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee or they could even visit the Shaolin Temple, a thousand-year-old temple in China and take martial arts lessons from Sambo monks. Xirang also enables users to explore Sanxingdui, excavating the Millennium national treasure or even visit the Three-body Museum and watch the Three-body Fleet shuttling overhead.

The Xirang App will achieve three technological breakthroughs: vision, hearing, and interaction. Users can log into Xirang’s APP on their owncomputers, smartphones, and wearable devices, create exclusive virtual images, attend meetings, go shopping, chat with others, and participate in exhibitions.

Other than Baidu, NetEase, and Bilibili, other Internet giants have also tried to explore the Metaverse. On December 2, NetEase Cloud Music was listed on the HKEx Stock Exchange and its “Metaverse” listing ceremony was held through the Netease Fuxi Immersive Activity System “Yaotai”. Bilibili also started its own Metaverse dream and is testing “UPowerchain”, a business related to the Metaverse.

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