Baidu to Promote Livestreaming Feature for Mobile Ecosystem

Baidu, Inc. today announced it will actively promote its livestreaming service in 2020 as a way to build its mobile ecosystem, Executive Vice President Dou Shen said at Baidu’s Mobile Ecosystem Group (MEG) Conference.

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“Livestreaming reflects two goals of Baidu’s mobile ecosystem building in the second half of 2020, which are ‘people’ and ‘services’,” Shen said. “Livestreaming not only improves real-time interactions between people, but provides customers with valuable services.”

Baidu hopes to bring users not just content, but the producers and service teams behind it. To this end, the company’s mobile ecosystem will fully open up the internal platforms and products to ensure that each content creator’s work will have the opportunity to reach Baidu’s 1 billion users, according to Shen.

The mobile ecosystem will continue to improve the capabilities of services, using a Smart Mini Program for users to obtain diverse one-stop services within the ecosystem.

The daily active users of Baidu’s Smart Mini Program has reached 500 million, Xiaoli Ping, the general manager of Baidu App said at the conference. The daily active users of Baidu‘s core product, Baidu App has reached 230 million. The entire Baidu mobile ecosystem is growing with the number of monthly active devices running Baidu mobile apps reaching 1.1 billion as of July 2019.