Baidu Netdisk Denies Manually Reviewing User Photos

Baidu Netdisk, a cloud storage product owned by Chinese tech giant Baidu, issued a statement on the evening of August 18, denying rumors currently circulating on social media that the company was manually reviewing end users’ photos hosted on their platforms.

According to one screenshot of an online video, a man claimed to work part-time as an auditor for Baidu Netdisk. He complained, “Why do girls like to take selfies so much? My job is practically making me go blind reviewing the photos they’ve uploaded.” The auditor also revealed some of the photos he was tasked to review which appeared to show female privacy photos and registration pages that are suspected to belong to one of the company’s online auditors.

This video caused netizens to worry about their own information security. One Weibo netizen wrote, “I always thought Baidu Netdisk used machine auditing, and I didn’t expect real auditors could screenshot the photos of users and post them online.”

It is worth noting that the screenshot shows that the above-mentioned auditor found the part-time job on a platform called “Qingtuanshe”. There are also other people posting short videos, mentioning the same part-time job-seeking platform.

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Baidu Netdisk’s online functions include group chatting, address book backup, photo album, intelligent management, document scanning and other features. The statement issued by Baidu Netdisk emphasizes that its security and privacy have obtained three certificates, and there is no manual review of user photos at any level.