Baidu Launches Audio-Based Social App for Strangers “Haiquanquan”

Internet technology giant Baidu has recently launched a new stranger-oriented chatting app named “Haiquanquan (嗨圈圈 Hāi quān quān),” domestic media outlet Tech Planet reported on Tuesday. Users need to complete the preliminary “soul test” when registering for the first time, so that they can match with others on the platform who have the most common interests for audio calls.

According to the report, Haiquanquan is an entrepreneurial project of the Baidu Campus Recruiting Team. Although the app is a startup product, its user experience still has bright spots.

Haiquanquan focuses on audio call matching. Through the pull-down feature on the homepage, user profiles are displayed. The status, gender, Zodiac sign, label and audio piece of these users will be arranged in the form of cards, which are called “sound bubbles.”

Users can hear each other’s thoughts by clicking on the audio bar. If they match one’s own dating perspective, they can send direct messages or reply by sending audio content directly on the page. In addition, Haiquanquan supports users to publish sound bubbles, including but not limited to secrets, songs, and stories.

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This product is geared towards users who like audio-based social interaction. The chat mechanism can be quickly established by simply clicking sound bubbles and sending audio or text messages.

Baidu has invested significantly in stranger-based social platforms. In recent years, it has made various moves in fields such as social networking, social audio and interest communities, with the launch of social apps such as “Youpu,” “Yinbo,” “Tingtong” and “Yinci.”

However, the popularity and user volume of these products have not increased further, which is mainly due to their weak promotion in the early stages and limited target users of these products.